Joyce Murray

Your member of parliament for

Vancouver Quadra

Joyce Murray

Your member of parliament for

Vancouver Quadra


Setting the Record Straight: Bill C-428 No Longer Exists

By circulating inflammatory emails regarding Private Member’s Bill C-428, the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development’s office continues to knowingly misinform constituents, increase their anxieties, and fuel resentment toward new Canadians. It is important to set the record straight.

Here are the facts:

1. Former Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla introduced Private Member’s Bill C-428 to reduce old age security wait times for immigrants from certain countries (to be consistent with existing wait times for immigrants from other countries). This Bill never got beyond First Reading. There was never a single vote on it.

2. The Bill died on the Order Paper when the 40th Parliament was dissolved and the recent federal election was called.

3. Bill C-428 and its proposal no longer exist. It will not be coming forward for Second Reading.

4. Introducing a Private Member’s Bill in an effort to address the concerns of constituents is the right and responsibility of individual Members of Parliament, and these Bills sometimes do not reflect Party policy.

5. Liberal MPs discussed Ms. Dhalla’s Bill and decided they did not support it.

6. No Liberal MP will be re-introducing Bill C-428 in the House of Commons.

7. In light of Conservative misinformation and fear-mongering, the former Liberal Party Leader held two separate public press conferences in 2010 to clarify that the Liberal Party of Canada and Liberal MPs did not support the Bill, and if it should ever come forward for debate, Liberals would vote against it. The Conservatives are well aware of this.

8. The Liberal MP responsible for Seniors and Pension issues at that time, MP Judy Sgro, proceeded to consult widely with Canadians on an array of retirement security issues, and prepared a Liberal platform of targeted pension improvements – one that did not include the changes being proposed by Ms. Dhalla.

9. Support payments for genuine refugees have nothing to do with old age security payments for Canadians or for immigrants; this point of comparison is proven false on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website here.

Please feel free to forward these facts to anyone you know who is receiving misinformation regarding Bill C-428.

Let’s put an end to this myth!

Best regards,

Joyce Murray, MP
Vancouver Quadra